Is File Handling one of Your New Year`s Resolutions?

By Roger Foisy on February 8th, 2011

You enter your office and you sit at your desk. A letter addressed to you “personal and confidential” stares you in the face. You open it and read the allegations against you.  You feel personally and unjustifiably attacked. Your hands perspire and you call for the file to reassure yourself that this letter has no merit. Your assistant hands you the file.  You cancel your appointments so you can deal with this. At the end of the day, feeling exhausted, you pick up the letter one more time and question why you chose to represent a client on a matter outside of your area of expertise.
Unfortunately this story is not fiction.  Some lawyers were unfortunate enough to receive this letter in 2010. One of their New Year’s Resolutions is now: “Think twice before accepting retainers for any client who comes asking for your help.” 

If any of these files include personal injury or disability insurance matters, my office is more than willing to assist.  Any lawyer who may have realized over time that they require additional expertise in one of these areas of law, or who may need a quick second opinion, should feel free to contact me.

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