Members of Our Legal Team Completed the Ontario Brain Injury Association’s Brain Basics Training Program

By Roger Foisy on July 17th, 2018

The Ontario Brain Injury Association’s (OBIA’s) Brain Basics Training Program is a foundational course that gives professionals, caregivers, and survivors alike the opportunity to develop a holistic understanding of how the brain works.

We are always seeking ways to improve ourselves individually and as a group. Towards this end, we are proud to announce that Stephanie, Harpreet, and Rusald, members of our legal team, recently completed the Brain Basics Training Program.

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Despite the name, mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) are serious and complex injuries. To truly understand how brain injuries manifest and are treated an understanding of the brain itself—how it’s structured and operates—is essential. The OBIA’s Brain Basics course equips our legal team with knowledge that enables us to better help and serve our clients.

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*Roger R. Foisy has completed courses in Neurorehabilitation, Neurobehavioral Disorders, Advanced Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Cognitive Interventions for Adults with Acquired Brain Injuries, and Neuropsychological Assessments: Beyond Testing from Brock University. However, he is not a medical professional. The advice in this blog is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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