Preventing Child Injury: National Summer Safety Week

By Roger Foisy on May 2nd, 2013

The Canadian Safety Council has designated May 1st – 7th as National Summer Safety Week. It’s the perfect opportunity to strive toward child injury prevention and educate ourselves about safety.

The unfortunate reality is that injury is the leading cause of death for children in Canada, with an estimated 340 fatalities each year for ages 14 and under. An additional 25 500 children are hospitalized. Therefore, it is crucial that adults – parents, educators, guardians, community leaders, etc. – take the time to familiarize themselves with effective safety practices and programs.

The Canadian Safety Council has provided a good resource with tips for child safety, including bicycle safety, traffic safety, playground safety, and more. Ensuring that helmets are worn at all times when biking, and monitoring small children around water are just some of the ways that serious accidents can be prevented. Furthermore, simply teaching children about safety can help them to make smarter choices when they are in potentially dangerous situations.

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