Stay Safe This Summer

By Roger Foisy on July 27th, 2012

With summer now underway many are looking forward to road trips, visits to the cottage, BBQ’s and swimming. Unfortunately, the reality is that during the summer months the top causes for accidental death in Ontario include falls, motor vehicle accidents, alcohol and drug use, and drowning. Using your common sense as you and your family enjoy what summer has to offer means that everyone can stay safe and still have fun.

Refrain from speeding, drinking and driving, and texting while driving. Always wear your seatbelt. When out on the water practice safe swimming and boating practices, such as supervision and the use of life jackets.

While maintaining a safe lifestyle and being a defensive driver will increase your chances of not being involved in an accidental death over the summer, we can never be certain of the actions and irresponsibility of others. If you do get in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver then having an umbrella policy through your insurance provider will allow you to access the financial compensation needed to cover medical and rehabilitation expenses. Talk with your insurance representative to see what policy is best for you.

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