Winter Tires: Could You Be Found Negligent?

By Roger Foisy on November 2nd, 2011

Did you know that in Ontario you could be found negligent if you are in a car accident in the winter time and found to be driving without winter tires? In the province of Quebec it is actually illegal to drive in the winter time without winter tires. Multiple studies have shown the benefits of winter tires when it comes to slippery road conditions. When it comes to liability, after a car accident if you are sued by someone involved in the accident, you could be found partially responsible for the accident as a result of not having winter tires on your vehicle.

Did you also know that some insurance companies offer incentives to those who use winter tires?  Have you contacted your insurance company to see if winter tires could save you a bit of money on your insurance premiums? Aside from the liability and money factors, the most important aspect is your safety, the safety of your passengers and family members as well as others on the road.

You can help reduce your chance of an accident by having winter tires on your vehicle during late fall, through winter and early spring. Improving your ability to control your vehicle through the use of good tires can help you avoid accidents, increase the safety for you and your passengers as well as reduce your potential liability in the event of an accident.

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