Young People and Fatal Car Crashes – Too Easily Becoming A Statistic

By Roger Foisy on February 4th, 2011

Car Crashes are the leading cause of death for teens or young adults in Canada and in the United States.  In Canada, Statistics Canada reported that from the years 2000 through to 2004, motor vehicle crashes causing death accounted for 1.3% of all deaths in Canada; however, 17.3% of all deaths among Canadians younger than 30 years old.  The research also showed that males consistently had higher motor vehicle accident deaths than did females. 

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control, reported that each year over 5,000 teens ages 16 to 20 die due to fatal injuries caused car accidents. It further reported that about 400,000 drivers age 16 to 20 will be seriously injured. 

In summary, teenagers are about 10 percent of the US population but account for 12 percent all fatal car crashes.

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