Personal Injury Fees

Personal Injury Fees

Unlike many other areas of legal representation, personal injury cases are usually taken on by lawyers on a ‘contingency basis’. This means that a law firm agrees to a personal injury fee that is a percentage of the amount recovered in a lawsuit on behalf of the injured person. In the event that there is no recovery, the law firm collects no fees.

Roger F. Foisy and his team provide initial consultations absolutely free of charge.

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibility of retaining our services. The initial meeting can be held at our office or may be held at your home. Initial consultations can last up to two hours and are always free.

Personal injury legal fees are charged only for a successful financial recovery on your behalf. We clearly outline our fee arrangement with you in a contingency fee agreement.

The law now specifically allows lawyers to charge a legal fee based on a percentage of the recovered claim for damages. We respect and follow the law which specifically states that unless ordered otherwise by a judge, legal costs cannot form part of the law firm’s legal fees and must be paid back to the injured and/or disabled clients to help off-set the legal fees charged by lawyers.

Roger R. Foisy provides each prospective client with an easy to understand agreement which clearly explains the lawyer-client relationship and how any monies received will be handled. Every personal injury client who retains the legal services of Roger R. Foisy is provided with a signed copy of the agreement between them and the law firm.

A mutually agreed upon fee is fully explained in writing so that there are no surprises at the conclusion of your case.

Choose a personal injury lawyer who fights to receive maximum dollars for you and your family. Contact us today for immediate support and a free consultation.