Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents which result in  injuries are the leading cause of unintentional personal injury for all Canadians.

The law in Ontario for car accident injuries is first dealt with through “No fault” insurance legislation. This “No Fault” legislation has made obtaining a recovery for car accident injuries a very complex, costly, and time consuming process. Many people who have suffered car accident injuries are usually unaware of their rights and obligations. There are many strict time lines (some as short as 7 days after a car accident) as well as many procedures which need to be followed.

Despite these strict timelines, immediately after a car accident, victims Injured from automobile accidents in Ontario instead find themselves involved with their own medical situation or that of another family member.

Besides the physical car accident injuries, victims often find themselves having difficulties dealing with the sometimes overwhelming emotions they are experiencing for themselves or for a loved one involved in the car accident.

It is at this moment of crisis, that car accident victims should look to the expertise of an Ontario car accident injury lawyer who can help injured persons and their families get through the complexities of car accident insurance claim documentation and medical requests.

Roger R. Foisy and his team will help to take care of the added paper work and telephone calls from insurance companies. Most importantly, Roger educates his clients about their rights and responsibilities and works tirelessly to effectively negotiate favourable results on behalf of his clients.

Roger’s Mississauga law firm also serves clients in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Brampton, and surrounding regions in Ontario.

For serious car accident injuries in Ontario Canada, choose a personal injury lawyer who fights to receive maximum dollars for you and your family. Contact us today for immediate support and a free consultation.