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What sets Roger Foisy apart from other lawyers with whom I’ve worked is his passion and his client-centredness. He truly cares for his clients. In my experience, Roger takes the time to really get to know each client and ensures that they receive the proper treatment and support. Roger is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and thorough in terms of his specialty. I would highly recommend Roger Foisy as a personal injury lawyer.

Angie Kingma

I found Roger to be very personable. He helped me to find closure with the loss of my baby brother, Jamie.

Dorothy Camilleri, Guelph, Ontario

Roger and his team were caring and professional throughout the process of setting my accident claim. He arranged for much needed treatments and negotiated a settlement which far exceeded what I had anticipated.

Uzma Ashraf, Burlington, Ontario

Throughout our case Roger was very emotionally supportive, friendly and honest. He explained everything in detail. He was very accessible when needed and had open communication. Roger went beyond in answering all our questions and helped provide resources to educate us.

Ifran Amir, Milton, Ontario

After speaking with a few lawyers, I decided Roger Foisy was the correct choice when I required legal representation. Roger sounded very positive, supportive and professional. He did not disappoint! On my initial visit to the law office, Roger explained the process in detail. Through the three year process, Roger, Harpreet Sidhu and the administrative staff were extremely helpful, quick to respond to my inquiries. I was going through an extremely sad and painful experience and I would like to thank Roger and Harpreet for their support and for a successful outcome. I would highly recommend Roger R. Foisy Professional Corporation.

Pat O’Brien, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Roger Foisy and his team are amazing. We were originally with a previous lawyer that we were not fond of and had our case transferred to Roger and his team- we are so grateful we made the decision to switch over to Roger! From the start Roger Foisy and his team took the time to go through our case and clean it up. They clearly answered all of our questions and were able to explain step by step the process and what to expect. I wasn’t left in the dark- I always knew what was going on with my case. The communication and knowledge from Roger and his team are phenomenal. I highly recommend Roger Foisy and his team!

Peter Tullio, Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Roger was diligent in the pursuit of my claim. He realized the great difficulty I was experiencing with a disability and he showed compassion. He knows the law and the journey that would be ahead of me. The office was quick to get back to me as far as any major concerns I had. I owe a lot of gratitude for the firm taking on my case with this issue that is not always recognized by society. Roger was quite effective in bringing it to light and bringing a satisfactory result in the end. Not only were things explained to me, but my spouse was involved and educated on what would be happening. Trust was a difficult thing for me and Roger proved a high level of trust, respect, and sensitivity to my situation.”

Joseph L, Mississauga, ON

“I would highly recommend the services of Roger Foisy and his associates based on the courteous and knowledgeable staff. They made the entire process easy and understandable and truly made the best out of an otherwise unfortunate situation.”

Josh, Mississauga, ON

Roger was awesome. I went through a lot in the last 5 years. I would call Roger and he was always so supportive. He and Manjot went beyond what I thought a lawyer would be. When I met Roger for the first time, I felt so comfortable, he was so personable and I always felt I could trust him.

D. B., Oakville, Ontario

Mr. Roger Foisy and all of his team have been very kind and understanding to me during the duration of my proceedings. I knew from the first time that I met him that I was in very competent, knowledgeable and caring hands. Through the mediation process I was so relieved to have him representing me. I highly recommend Roger Foisy to anyone that has been denied long term disability. He truly is very knowledgeable in these matters.

Mary Lynn Collins, Mississauga, Ontario

When we were in litigation, the ease and confidence that Mr.Foisy put forward was very comforting and he knew that we were going to have satisfactory outcome. When his Associate, Harpreet was stating the facts of my case, he was “bang on” and so very professional in helping put my long term disability case together. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Foisy and his team. I’m a very satisfied client.

Joanne Fechner, Mississauga, Ontario

I retained Roger’s services due to a motor vehicle accident. Courtesy, promptness, reliability, professionalism are rare but much appreciated from Roger given the extent of my injuries. I would retain Roger again should the circumstances arise.

Lori Cox, Brampton, Ontario

I was very happy. The firm went above and beyond and were really professional. I was very pleased from the moment I walked in until the end.

E. Gould

When we first came in, Roger was very helpful and explained everything. He was very approachable by phone and email and was always there for us. Communication was always open. In any case, I’d recommend him to anybody. Thank you again Roger Foisy.

L. W., Mississauga, Ontario

In retaining Roger, I really benefitted from his knowledge and resources in obtaining immediate assistance in health care and my wellbeing. This assisted greatly in me recovering after my accident.

Catherine Horvath, Mississauga, Ontario

I had a great experience with Roger. I did not have any issues. It was a long matter and was treated fairly. He did everything he said he was going to do. Definitely give him a call if you need. It can change your life.


I felt I was in good hands. Roger was very confident, professional and I was pleased with the result of my case.

Scott Bell, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger and his team were great to work with. They went above and beyond and it became apparent that they were most concerned about my recovery. Roger was always very helpful and put me and my well being first. At the end of the day he cared about me getting better. It was the first time going through this process and he made me feel very comfortable.

Alexander Karl, Toronto, Ontario

I can’t get over how organized Roger Foisy’s office is. Roger had everything ready at all times and I never once questioned the decisions Roger had to help make. I trusted Roger and his team throughout the entire process with my long term disability case.

Joyce, Ottawa, Ontario

I can’t stress enough how helpful and empowering it was to have Roger Foisy in my corner. From feeling powerless under the heel of a large corporation, not getting the benefits my employer promised. Roger was my first contact to help with my claim and it was the right one he told me to be patient as these can be lengthy dealings but sure enough Roger got me the justice I deserved and settled my case. If you are in need of any legal service Roger will totally understand and represent you to the best of his ability, like it was his own case.

Cameron Freelen, Milton, Ontario

Roger guided us through a very traumatic experience with compassion and professionalism which made the entire upsetting situation easier to accept and resolve. I would highly recommend Roger Foisy and his staff.

P. W, Oakville, Ontario

I found the team an excellent example of professionalism with working to help me. I was never left with unanswered calls or requests for information. Staff were very helpful in outlining the process and timelines in my best interest. I would always refer anyone that has been in my situation to see Roger Foisy and Team.

Roberta Seabrook, Georgetown, Ontario

We are so happy that we met Mr. Foisy and had him as our lawyer. We appreciate his service and without Mr. Foisy’s professionalism and attention to our case and issues, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We truly appreciate his work ethic and would not hesitate recommending Mr. Foisy’s services.

M. and A. Hingsberg, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger was referred to us by a former client, who was very happy with his service. Roger contacted me within 5hrs he was very concerned and compassionate throughout, He worked hard and tirelessly on our case and we are very satisfied with the result. I highly recommend  Roger to anyone with a personal injury issue.

T.C, Pefferlaw, Ontario

Before I even came in, I had already heard good things about Roger Foisy’s law firm and I knew that I was in good hands. From day one, when I met Roger I had a feeling that I could trust him. Roger was very dedicated to my case. He was very calm and professional. He guided me through it all, I had no doubt about anything. Whenever I had questions he could advise me and help. Everyone at the office was so nice and friendly with me. They were always in contact and would respond quickly to emails or phone calls. Roger delivered good service. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give him an 11! By the time my case was done I felt as though we were friends. He was always friendly to me and concerned about me and my family.

Ivan Jelinic, Mississauga, Ontario

From day one of calling Mr.Foisy, he was very patient and understanding. My situation was difficult but i was reassured that no matter what the outcome, he would assist with getting me in touch with resources that could help. He is very knowledgeable. Any questions I had were thoroughly explained and I was always kept up to date throughout the process.

Matthew Hodge, Mississauga, Ontario

I really enjoyed working with Roger. He was very thorough and patient in explaining all the details to us. He made us feel very comfortable and at ease.

M.D., Brampton, Ontario

Roger Foisy was very professional, had good cooperation with me, and gave valuable guidance throughout my case.

Mohammad Alimuddin, Oakville, Ontario

Roger and all the staff were very sensitive and understanding. They provided a lot of information to help me understand the process. I found the telephone and email reminders for appointments extremely helpful. I felt that my well being was cared for during this process.

Susan Tobin, Mississauga, Ontario

I found Roger Foisy to be professional and down to earth. He explained in depth the process and was very understanding and reassuring with me. He has been my guide through this process and he sympathizes with the pain I experienced. Roger has been a saint to me.

Cathie Duval, St. Catharines, Ontario

Roger Foisy handled my file well. I was happy with his work. I recommend him to anyone that needs help.

Helena Varandas, Brampton, Ontario

I could not be happier with the services provided by Roger R. Foisy. He also agreed to meet with me for our first meeting at a Tim Hortons. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and I am extremely satisfied with the final settlement and outcome.

Catherine Wesley, Hillsburgh, Ontario

Roger R. Foisy is someone who is professional, committed and very reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Foisy’s Services. Whenever you need anything he is very prompt in getting to a reply. He makes an effort to understand the issues that were affecting our family and was very empathetic towards us. I feel so confident about him that I would recommend anyone to him.

Bhashkar Soocheta

Roger has a great understanding of brain injuries for a lawyer. He is very knowledgeable about getting the help that is needed. He is very resourceful and patient. He sent me in the right direction.

James (Jim) Voisin

I would personally recommend Roger Foisy. He treated my case without a problem. He was very professional, thorough and straightforward.

Dilipkumar Shah

Roger R. Foisy and his team were very supportive throughout. They help make you understand the nature of your accident, the possible outcome, and how they are going to deal with it to get you the best possible results.

Russell Adjekwei Sr., Mississauga, Ontario

I’ve been very happy with the service that Roger R. Foisy has provided me. With this being my first MVA, I wasn’t sure what my case would entail. But Roger and his staff took me through it and explained it well. They have been very helpful with me and my family and provided support in a time of need. They kept in constant contact, updating me with information while my case was ongoing. I will definitely recommend Roger to friends and family.

Russell Adjekwei Jr., Mississauga, Ontario

I was referred to Roger Foisy by a family member. If I have a friend that needs help, I would recommend Roger. We were happy and satisfied with our outcome.

Khoa Le, Kitchener, Ontario

I think Roger R. Foisy is one of the most genuinely honest people we have had the pleasure to meet at a time when we needed legal advice and assistance to put our lives back together after a serious accident. By taking on the responsibility of representing us it created a huge sense of relief and provided the assistance that we needed.

Donald Hamilton, Rockwood, Ontario

We never expected that we would get a result like this. It was more than we expected. The staff are very understanding of our situation and very courteous. We found it easy to work with Mr. Foisy and we would definitely recommend him to our friends and family.
Carmelita Diamzon, Brampton, Ontario

Based on my experience I was grateful Mr. Foisy could guide me. His knowledge gave me knowledge. I couldn’t have gone through this on my own. With Mr. Foisy’s help I was able to get back on the right track and take care of myself and my family. He wasn’t in a rush when dealing with me and I felt like I got the attention I needed along the way. He helped me get through things step by step so I felt reassured throughout and he let me know if there were any updates so I could be kept informed. He was my voice at a time in my life where I was going through a lot of difficult things.

Susana Williams, Mississauga, Ontario

After everything I went through following my accident, I was so grateful and appreciative of all the effort that Roger Foisy did to help me with my case. He was very understanding of my brain injury. If I ever needed to speak with him he made himself available and made sure that I understood him. He was on top of everything along the way and I was never in the dark. Never being involved in a lawsuit before made me nervous at first, but he took the time to make sure that I was taken care of. Roger made sure that I always knew what to expect moving along in the process. Words cannot express how well I was treated. I was welcomed and comfortable around Roger and his team. I would refer him to anyone I know. Thank you so much for taking care of me and my family.

Maria Moniz, Brampton, Ontario

I would highly recommend Roger R. Foisy and his team in any legal capacity. Outcomes were always realistic. Communication was beyond my expectations. Roger R. Foisy and his team treated my entire family with care during a very difficult time. 

Sandra Clarke, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger Foisy was open and honest right from the beginning. Whenever I reached out Roger Foisy and his team would call back right away. Roger Foisy communicated well and was very thorough, so he knew I had a good understanding. I felt supported throughout this process. He treated us the same way from day one. There were no surprises along the way. 

Karen Benigno, Brampton, Ontario

Since the beginning of this process Roger Foisy worked with me and he put a lot of effort into making sure I understood that I felt comfortable. I could tell that he invested his time and energy into my file and I felt well taken care of. Roger is an open and honest about the litigation process and he was very professional in the handling of my file.

M.S., Mississauga, Ontario

Honestly, in my heart, I am very satisfied with the service received from Mr. Foisy and his staff. He is very detailed, upfront and an honest lawyer. There was no surprised or hidden agenda; he keeps you informed throughout your case. He spends hours reviewing your case in detail with you on a one on one basis. I like the fact that he’s not looking at his watch when meeting with you; he adjusted his schedule just to meet with us. He’s a very down to earth and genuine lawyer. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone. My overall experience was excellent. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of his proposition.

Shawn D., Brampton, Ontario

Dealing with Roger was one of the most pleasant experiences for me. After the accident, it was a very hard time for me and Roger made it very smooth.

Ishrat Ahmad, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger Foisy explains everything in detail and up front. He is courteous and responsive in returning calls to see how you are doing. The firm is very friendly and welcoming, and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable at their office.

Michael Medeiros, Brampton, Ontario

Exceptional service, fairness on our case. All staff very attentive and all concerned with our situation. 

R.S., Mississauga, Ontario

Roger was very upfront and courtious throughout the entire proceedings. He as well as his staff were very informative and answered any questions that I had. Overall, Roger Foisy exceeded expectations and I would recommend him to friends and family. 

Nicolas Proietti, Brampton, Ontario

Roger, words cannot express the gratitude for all the loving and kind care you gave me. You sure are blessed with your experience in your job. Thanks again!

Veronica Rowett, Brampton, Ontario

Thank you Roger and staff for all of your help! My family and I are extremely pleased with the results you obtained for us. From the beginning you were kind, helpful and supportive.

Saadia Ashraf, Oakville, Ontario

Roger Foisy was very professional and demonstrated compassion throughout our case. He was able to explain all options in a simple and consise form, and was upfront about all legal fees. I would recommend Roger Foisy to family and friends.

Natalie Winter-Postiglione, Brampton, Ontario

I was very impressed with how Roger R. Foisy conducted my first visit. Mr. Foisy showed me a lot of compassion and worked to get me a fair compensation for my injury. I thank him very much!

Helen Aubrecht, Ontario

Roger is a truly hardworking, dedicated lawyer. Roger spent six years working with me on my MVA case, and through the six years, when I wanted to give up, Roger stood behind me, never willing to give up my fight because Roger believed in me, my injuries and that me and my case was worth fighting for! Six years of dedication! Thank you Roger!

Lisa Norris, Ajax, Ontario

I would like to thank Roger Foisy & staff for their efforts and work provided through the process of this case. You listened and noted my concerns regarding the case. I very much appreciate your contributions throughout the “cases” from beginning to closure. Thanks again for your efforts and professional ethics.

Frank Col, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger and his team were caring and professional throughout the process of settling my accident claim. He arranged for much-needed treatments and negotiated a settlement which far exceeded what I had anticipated.

Uzma Ashraf, Oakville, Ontario

I found Roger to be very thorough in terms of his explanation of the legal process and possible outcomes. He never rushed me and always made sure I fully understood my case. I believe he got the best possible result for me.

G.M., Milton, Ontario

Roger and his associates are a very efficient machine for the effective method of dealing with insurance companies on behalf of other clients’ benefit.

Brendan Sullivan, Ontario

Roger R. Foisy goes the extra mile to make sure you are compensated for your loss and suffering you endured through your accident. I would highly recommend him to family & friends.

Merina Pacheco, Georgetown, Ontario

We received excellent service from Roger for the three years that he handled my case. We were always well informed. We are really grateful and satisfied.

Lambert Carter, Brampton, Ontario

Roger and staff are fantastic! Professional, reliable, but most importantly trustworthy! Roger is very clear when communicating. Staff is very prompt when legal questions need to be answered. I have recommended Roger to all I know who are in need of MVA legal counsel.

Frances Venema, Mississauga, Ontario

After a successful career of executive assistant positions, I reached a point where I couldn’t function any more. I was diagnosed with severe depression. I definitely couldn’t return to work.

Roger spent an entire morning with me, reviewing my case, was able to explain my rights, the responsibilities of the insurance company, and the legal process that would follow, all in language I could understand.

I found Roger to be highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and at the same time sensitive and compassionate.

I felt he handled my long term disability case very well and was well prepared prior to entering mediation. I can’t thank him or his staff enough. Everyone dealt with me in the same professional manner that Roger did, and ensured communications between his office and myself went smoothly.

Thanks, Roger, for everything!

Edith G., Castleton, Ontario

I had a very positive experience meeting Roger R. Foisy. All aspects of my case were explained to me clearly and all following communication was prompt and professional. I am very satisfied with the resolution of my case.

Franciszek Lenart, Oakville, Ontario

From the first day I met Roger I felt I was in good hands. He is so patient in explaining anything to you. His staff always made me feel welcome. Thank you all for helping me through a difficult time.

Susan Stone, Erin, Ontario

Mr. Roger R foisy and his team are ethical, caring, and passionate about what they do. I appreciate everything they did for me. Their help, guidance, and assistance was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ewa Siwicki, Brampton, Ontario

I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Mr. Foisy is a true professional and understood me and my needs to achieve the best outcome. I would not hesitate to refer Mr. Foisy to my friends and family.

Sanita Birball, Brampton, Ontario

We appreciate the services and hospitality we received from the firm. Mr. R Foisy took his time and effort to have looked after me and we thank you.

Stainislaw Wnukowski, Brampton, Ontario

The difference with Roger is simple. He cares. He understands. He listens. He will get you the absolute best care to eventually get you the best settlement. Thank you Roger. I trust no one but you.

Mohammed Ali, Brampton, Ontario

Roger and his staff were always very professional and thorough in explaining all matters. We would recommend or/and use him again. Thank you for all your help.

Charles Frendo, Oakville, Ontario

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and on-going support. I’m truly grateful to have you as my lawyer. For the first time in a long time I feel progress and I feel like I’m getting better. Thank you. I look forward to a much brighter future thanks to you and your amazing team.

Josh Pellerin, Ontario

I would strongly recommend the services of Roger R. Foisy. I found his firm to be very professional and at the same time compassionate. I had compete and total confidence in their abilities. I found Roger to be a remarkable lawyer who worked diligently to ensure the best possible outcome. I was completely satisfied and pleased with the level of service I received. A big “THANK YOU” to Roger and his team.

Antoinetta Sciotto-Romano, Brampton, Ontario

I was very satisfied with everything including professionalism, promptness, understanding, integrity in being very thorough. I would recommend this firm to anyone in my life.

Anthony Pascoal, Mississauga, Ontario

I was very pleased with the way my case was handled by Roger R. Foisy. Thank you.

Fernanda Schalk, Kitchener, Ontario

Excellent service was provided with a strong emphasis on the understanding during a very sensitive and difficult time. Very thorough in providing explanations of the Law.

Eduardo Pascoal Jr., Kingston, Ontario

I found Roger Foisy to be very sympathetic with our tragic loss. We were treated like people instead of just a client. I was so pleased with his work that I am using him for a personal lawsuit.

Maria Amaral, Etobicoke, Ontario

Roger R. Foisy is a person whom you can trust and depend on because he listens and acts in accordance with the law.

Bhupinder Joshi, Oakville, Ontario

I was always greeted by very friendly staff members. They were very professional at any time.

Nelly MacLean, Mississauga, Ontario

Highly satisfied with the quality of service provided by Roger R. Foisy in our “hour of need”. The assistance of his clerk, Theresa, also, was exceptional. Again, I commend highly the legal services provided to us.

Nicholas Eisele, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger Foisy and his staff helped me through a very difficult experience. Roger went over the call of duty in helping me deal with staff both at Lifemark physiotherapy, occupational nurse at work and family doctor. The staff kept me on track with doctors’ appointments and referred me to professional staff who helped me through a very emotional experience.

Thank you to all at Roger R. Foisy.

Joy Fialho, Mississauga, Ontario

Great customer service. Addressed concerns in an expedient manner and kept up-to-date on the progress and any changes to our case. Would definitely recommend Roger. 

Kathleen Bolgan, Toronto, Ontario

I could not expect better service in solving my case in such a short time. Thanks to Mr. Roger Foisy and staff for a job well done. Thank you.

B. Dudhnath, Hamilton, Ontario

I am so happy that a friend referred me to Roger Foisy. Changing law firms was the best thing I have ever done. He handled my case with compassion and understanding.

L. Mackey, Fort Erie, Ontario

Dear Roger,
Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into my case. I was ready to give up many times, but thanks to your persistence, encouragement and superb talent, the impossible became possible. What you have done for me will always be treasured as “priceless”.
Thank you

Nichelle, Toronto, Ontario

I was impressed that Mr. Foisy would come so far to meet with me considering that I live in Chatham. Roger achieved all of my objectives and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

A. Bond, Chatham, Ontario

Roger has an ability to listen and understand what you really wanted. His level of service was excellent.

Ray Isaacs, North York, Ontario

Roger you are a very nice man who treated me as if I was your only client. You have the highest quality of service. You have made a big difference in my life.

Thank you

Jeannette LeFave, North York, Ontario

Even when I felt upset or scared Roger took the time to talk with me. Roger was very clear in letting me know exactly what he had done or was about to do. I truly believe that this field of work was your “calling”, you do it with great knowledge and compassion.

J. Doucet, Mississauga, Ontario

I would like to personally thank you for your high social conscience and empathy shown to Gilbert in his time of grief.

G.Clarke, Woodbridge, Ontario

I suffered a personal injury and I decided to check around with several lawyers and see if it was worth pursuing a lawsuit. I checked with the most recommended local lawyer here in Guelph and she estimated a value for what I might receive. A friend in Oakville recommended that I try a Toronto lawyer as the value may be different. After further review and a recommendation from a Toronto lawyer I ended up using the services of Roger Foisy. The end result of the lawsuit was a final settlement that was 5 times greater than what the local Guelph lawyer thought I might receive. Needless to say I am thrilled with the work that Mr. Foisy did on my behalf. He was very reasonable about doing the work over the phone and through the mail so that the only trips to his office were for the original visit and then to pick up the cheque. You know you have a good lawyer when he is even providing updates at night to my home.

Roger was always helpful, professional and ultimately much more successful then I had expected any lawsuit to be. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Sharon Johnston, Guelph, Ontario

Our first encounter with Roger Foisy was very positive.

We had been in a motorcycle accident and we had injuries that were not going to go away quickly. We had been dealing directly with our insurance company for assistance but it became quite clear that this was too big a task for us to handle. It became evident that we had to prove to the insurance company the seriousness of our injuries despite our doctors stating the obvious about the seriousness of them.

The insurance company was becoming pushy & we didn’t know which way to turn. We also didn’t believe some of the things we were being told, such as signing off on a document that the insurance company had drafted saying that we wouldn’t get any more money from our lawyer than the insurance company was offering.

We started to call around for a personal injury lawyer and waited. Frustrated is how we felt when there was no return phone call. We were looking for someone that was truly interested in us & that would be quick in responding to our call.

One call to Roger’s office is all it took. A call was returned within a couple of hours & my husband & I were on speaker phone together answering Roger’s questions. We had an appointment early in the following week to get the ball rolling. Roger asked us to fill out some forms & he took it from there.

We received our settlement within 3 years & were happy with the payout. There was no need to travel far to find a great lawyer. Thanks Roger!

Fran & Don Ford, Oakville, Ontario

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in August of 2004, which resulted in a serious personal injury. I didn’t know what my options were and didn’t know anything about the legal process. Roger came highly recommended to me by a colleague of my daughter’s, and I knew right away that I wanted Roger on my side. From our very first meeting, (which took place while I was still in the hospital), Roger was very courteous and showed me that he wanted to get the best settlement possible for me. He made sure that all of the proper equipment was in my home and the services were in place to help me heal from my injury. If I had any concerns or issues, Roger was always there to put my mind at ease and to assure me that he would take care of everything.

If you are looking for a lawyer who is professional, friendly and will get you results, then I highly recommend that you contact Roger Foisy!

It was a pleasure working with Roger and his staff. They will always go the extra mile to make sure that your case is handled with care and that you are well taken care of. Thank you Roger for everything!

Fred Lippens, Milton, Ontario

Roger Foisy became involved in my case while I was still unconscious in the hospital after my injury. He was called by a very wise friend of mine and immediately began working. By the time I regained consciousness, many things were in place for me because of Roger Foisy that would not have been possible otherwise. I learned that after an injury, timing is crucial. Roger Foisy responded immediately and professionally for many months until finally reaching a settlement for me. I would not hesitate in recommending Roger Foisy’s services to anyone who has suffered an injury. He is fair and supportive and always worked towards my best interest.

Daniel Lazo, Maple, Ontario

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2003. I hired a lawyer thinking that he specialized in personal injury law –
I later found out the hard way. He settled my case for $25,000 without my permission I should add. I was furious and I went in search of another lawyer. Being from a smaller town it was hard to find someone who was willing to go up against another lawyer. Eventually someone recommended Roger Foisy to me. I was reluctant to hire a lawyer more than 5 hours away but when I told him about my case he met me half way in Huntsville. We spent almost 5 hours together the first time. Roger explained everything I needed to know and my mother and I immediately knew he was an honest lawyer who cares about his clients. I remember him telling my mother that he would take care of me. Well he surely kept his promise. Without Roger and his staff, I don’t know what I would have done. Every time I had a question or a concern he replied at any time of day. He is an awesome lawyer who takes his time and does everything right the first time.

I highly recommend Roger Foisy, and I’m proud to be his client.

Vicky, Sudbury, Ontario

I was extremely pleased with not only the outcome but the time it took to reach the end result. Roger R. Foisy and his staff were extremely accurate with the expectations and requirements throughout this process. I was very satisfied with the level of communication. I feel that the fees charged were fair and well earned. I would definitely recommend Roger R. Foisy Professional Corporation to a friend, family member or colleague. Thank you!

Cassandra George, Mississauga, Ontario

I can’t thank Roger and his staff enough for all the help over these last years. It was a hard battle having cognitive problems and many other health issues, but you were with me every step of the way explaining things, calming me down and always looking after my needs. Roger is truly a great, amazing lawyer that truly cares for the client. I have already and will always highly recommend any body that has been in a car accident to use him. Words cannot express how thankful I am that I had him as my lawyer.

Gail Gibbons, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

We were treated professionally, and we were explained in detail, of the length and time to deal with this matter, even though others had advised differently. Everything went to the letter, and we ended up with a larger settlement than we ever thought possible. Without Roger representing us, we would still be dealing with the insurance company and would have ended up with a very negative result over a very long term. Without Roger and his team we would not have had a positive outcome.

Darlene Ursulak, Mississauga, Ontario

Because of the bad reputation that lawyers have, and as this being my first time in this kind of situation, I was a bit skeptical of lawyers but Roger Foisy’s professionalism and his knowledgeable staff appeased my concerns and reservations. Roger and his staff while working on my case were really timely and punctual in their responses to all my concerns. I would highly recommend Roger’s services to anyone.

Josh, Mississauga, Ontario

When I first met Roger Foisy I felt like for the first time someone understood, cared and was on my side. I was supported and believed. Finally there was someone by my side to fight for me while I fought to heal. I am grateful.

Liz Sdraulig, Georgetown, Ontario

My Husband and I where very happy with Roger and his staff. Roger took the time to walk us through things in very stressful and tough times. I found Roger Foisy to be a very down to earth person who treated us like family and cared about our will being. He took the time to explain things to us in a way we could under stand what was to come in months a head. We are very grateful to him and his staff. We would strongly recommend Roger Foisy to our friends and family. Thank you.

Marie Amato, Mississauga, Ontario

Every time I called, I received a call back. Roger is a genuinely caring person, and it is not all about the settlement. He actually cares about the client and takes his time to explain and keep you informed throughout the whole process.

Gary, Brampton, Ontario

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