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By Roger Foisy on March 15th, 2017

At the Roger R. Foisy injury law firm, we strongly believe in educating people as much as possible about the process of injury and long-term disability (LTD) law in Ontario, as well as helping them understand what to do and what to expect after an injury or disability.

In pursuit of this goal, we’ve built up numerous resources including videos, infographics, FAQs, and more.

For your convenience, this blog assembles all of the long-term disability resources we have to date so that you will be able to easily find all of the information you may be looking for.

Long-term Disability Law Videos

Click here to access our library of long-term disability videos.

Here are the topics you will find videos about:

  • Initial Client Interview: What to Expect
  • What Is the Settlement Value for My Injury or Illness?
  • Preparing for an Insurance Company Independent Medical Examination (IME)
  • Examination for Discovery: What to Expect
  • What Happens during the Mediation of a Claim?
  • Understanding Long-term Disability Insurance in Ontario
  • Reasons an Insurance Company Will Deny Your Long-term Disability Claim
  • Using the PQRST to Accurately Describe Pain to Your Doctor

As an example, see this video about understanding LTD insurance in Ontario:

Long-term Disability FAQs

Click here to access our extensive LTD FAQs.

From simple questions about what LTD insurance is and what types of disabilities there are, to more specific questions about claim deadlines, insurance company denial, and when to get a lawyer involved, here you will find many explanations important for anyone who is thinking of claiming for LTD or who has been denied for LTD insurance and wants to know what to do next.

Long-term Disability Blogs

Click here to see our blogs focused on long-term disability topics.

We regularly address additional LTD topics in our blogs, and we encourage you to scroll through the list and read anything that is relevant to your situation.

The following posts may be of particular interest:

General Long-term Disability Information

The general LTD pages on this site are a great place to start:

Long-term Disability Infographics

Presently we have one LTD infographic, about how employers can accommodate those with physical disabilities returning to work.

See the infographic below:



Later this year, we will have a second infographic focusing on how employers can prevent employees from developing psychological long-term disabilities.

Questions? Please Let Us Know!

If you are going through our LTD resources and you have a question that we haven’t answered or a topic you’d like us to cover, please contact us and let us know!

Roger R. Foisy is an experienced long term disability lawyer in Ontario who helps clients receive the compensation they deserve. Do not hesitate to contact Roger and his team today for immediate support and a free consultation.

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