Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer

Roger FoisyEarly Experiences with Injury Victims

Since I can remember, helping others has always been important to me. This is probably what led me to becoming a lawyer – especially a lawyer specializing in personal injury law.

When I was 15, I persuaded a panel of three interviewers that I was the right person for a personal support care worker position at a long term disability care residence. I think this was the true start of my career of helping others.

I quickly learned from my experience at the residence that many of the clients were there because of accidents they were involved in years before. Unfortunately, many of them had never consulted with lawyers about their injuries, and some of them had negotiated very unfavourable settlements directly with insurance companies.

Here, my drive to help these people became a part of my mission.

My Education

I enrolled in the Law Clerks Program at Niagara College, where I spent 2.5 years learning what I needed to pursue a career as a law clerk. However, the most important parts of this education were my co-op terms spent with personal injury lawyer Lorenzo Girones. I had never met a person with more passion for helping others.

It was Lorenzo who later convinced me to pursue law school.

I obtained my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph and was then accepted to Windsor Law School.

A Lawyer for the People

Starting law school, I was fortunate to have the confidence of my friend Howie, a quadriplegic who was injured in a single vehicle motorcycle accident. I called Howie on my first day of law school and I will never forget the words he said to me: “I had no doubt you would make it – you are going to be a great lawyer – a lawyer for the people.

Well, that very night I set up my desktop computer with a rolling screen saver which read “Roger R Foisy – A Lawyer for the People!”

Great Beginnings in Personal Injury Law

I was fortunate to be hired on as a first year associate with MacMillan Rooke Boeckle (as it was known at the time; now Will Barristers) after spending a year in an articling position there. I worked in this office as a plaintiff lawyer until 2003 when I transferred to the firm’s new Oakville office.

My years as a personal injury lawyer at MacMillian Rooke Boeckle – Will Barristers were some of my happiest and most fulfilling years as a lawyer. I worked with great staff and other great lawyers from whom I learned much about my craft.

The Courage to Start My Own Law Firm

In 2007, I began to think about my options beyond Will Barristers.

That year was the scariest year of being a lawyer. I had to search deep within to find the courage to convince myself that I could operate my own law firm.

With encouragement and support, I pursued this new journey. My new firm was born on September 16, 2007.

Slowly the phone started to ring – but in the first 4 months, I was only able to open 4 files. From 2008 until the end of 2010, the number of files my firm received slowly increased.

It was difficult and slow progress, but by 2011 and 2012, we were opening dozens of new files each year. We brought on new team members and even more files. It has been my pleasure to see this firm grow into the success it is today through my hard work and the hard work of my employees.

Although my firm has grown, my philosophy has never wavered. I never forget why I became a lawyer or my slogan, “A Lawyer for the People”.

That is why the Roger R. Foisy law firm is completely client-centric. We carefully select which cases we accept based on who we think we can help the most. Taking on fewer cases, we do not overburden our team members; instead, every team member at my firm has the time to dedicate significant attention to each case. Every case is important to us.

Closing Thoughts

I truly believe this firm has been very privileged to represent the clients who have entrusted us with such a difficult time in their lives. Without them, there would be no Roger R. Foisy and Associates, “Lawyers for the People”.