LAT – The Licence Appeal Tribunal


Losing a loved one is in itself difficult to cope with, but losing a loved one suddenly through a traumatic accident can be devastating. Trying to manage with the loss and continue living as normal a life as possible can be an overwhelming prospect.

While no amount of financial compensation can truly make up for such a loss, Ontario’s Family Law Act allows for certain family members of a deceased person to make a claim for compensation for losses they may have suffered as a result of the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. This law recognizes that there is a need to consider the importance of the role that the deceased person had in an individual’s and family’s life and allow for financial compensation.

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Your automobile insurance coverage generally offers benefits for a variety of different scenarios, including long-term disability, catastrophic injury, and income replacement benefits. Your policy should entitle you to all these benefits, but your insurance company may be reluctant to provide them for a variety of reasons. In some cases, your insurance company may deny your claim. One of the most vulnerable moments for an injured person is being denied a rightful insurance claim by their insurance company. The AABS division of the LAT allows you to appeal these decisions and have them reviewed by an adjudicator who can provide a resolution to the dispute between you and your insurance company.

While you do not need a lawyer to file an appeal with the LAT, it is strongly recommended to retain the services of a legal representative who is Licenced to appear before the LAT. While both licensed paralegals and lawyers can assist you, lawyers can provide support for specific hearings; for example, only lawyers can conduct LAT hearings for disputes regarding the determination of catastrophic impairment. The more serious your injuries, the more important it is to hire an experienced lawyer to help you.

It may be intimidating to approach the LAT with an appeal on your own; Roger R. Foisy & Associates is a team with extensive experience in handling complex personal injury and long-term disability cases, and are lawyers for the people who fight to receive maximum dollars for their clients.

For examples of our work with the LAT, please read the cases below.

Roger R. Foisy has represented many clients with disability claims against insurance companies such as:

  • AIG
  • Canada Life
  • Clarica Life
  • Desjardins Group
  • Empire Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Great West Life
  • Industrial Alliance
  • London Life
  • Manulife
  • Manufacturers Life
  • Maritime Life
  • Standard Life
  • Sun Life

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