Are You Ready for Back to School? (ICE Program and Auto Insurance Coverage)

By Roger Foisy on September 8th, 2017

back to schoolAs September comes into full swing, the kids are now back to school. While it’s an exciting time for families, it can lead to worries about safety.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen whether a child walks to school on their own or their parent drives them in. The best way to face the possibility of an accident is to be prepared – preparation can make a real difference in an emergency situation.

Below, I discuss a few ways families can prepare now for unexpected accidents:

ICE Program

The “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) program is recognized internationally by first responders and emergency services personnel. An ICE card has the name and phone number of two emergency contacts, which the first responders can use to quickly reach the injured person’s immediate family.

Children going back to school can carry an ICE card with them, on their jacket, backpack, or in their bicycle helmet, giving parents peace of mind that they would be immediately contacted if anything were to happen.

We offer this program free of charge. Click here to find out more and get your ICE card.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance has suffered massive cuts to coverage in recent years, and has become even more difficult to qualify for. These reduced benefits are highly unlikely to be sufficient to cover medical, rehabilitation, and attendant care costs if you or your child are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Parents can take steps to protect themselves and their families. I highly recommend purchasing additional coverage in your auto insurance policy – it’s very affordable and can make a substantial difference.

I’ve put together this infographic to showcase this issue. I encourage you to share it with other Ontario drivers and parents:


From all of us at the Roger R. Foisy law firm, stay safe during back to school season this year!

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