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Personal injury cases and disability actions are complex, time consuming and demanding kinds of litigation; the injuries and illnesses which result in some form of disability are often very serious; the gathering of medical evidence is often expensive and insurance companies almost always dispute the claims being brought forward by the injured or disabled victims. In short, personal injury and disability insurance litigation is costly.

There are very few people who can afford to pay their lawyers on an hourly basis, especially in situations where the litigation can take years to resolve. In most cases, a law firm must finance the costs of the litigation until trial or settlement. In addition, lawyers must frequently fund other expenses associated with the case including court fees, the cost of medical records, experts, trial exhibits and other expenses, which can add up to thousands of dollars.

As a result of the significant financial risk to its law firm, a lawyer must select their cases very carefully. Read more about personal injury lawyer fees and how they are determined.

At Roger R. Foisy Professional Corporation, we handle only 50 to 75 cases at any one time. We have developed criteria which include a number of factors when evaluating whether or not to take on a specific case. Our initial evaluation of a case requires a lengthy initial meeting with a prospective client and a review of relevant documentation. This initial process which is offered as an initial free consultation to prospective clients can be a time consuming but necessary process which will allow us to recognize the likely success of your case and the value of damages you may expect to receive if successful.

Choose a personal injury lawyer who fights to receive maximum dollars for you and your family. Contact us today for immediate support and a free consultation.