About Our Team

Roger R Foisy – Personal Injury Lawyer

I founded the Roger R. Foisy Injury Law Firm in 2007 after many years of experience working as a personal injury and disability lawyer.

We pride ourselves on being a client-centric firm – “Lawyers for the People” – and we take the time to make sure we address your needs. Seeing the firm grow through the hard work of the whole team over the years has been a pleasure.

I truly believe that we have been privileged to represent the clients who entrust us with such a difficult time in their lives. Without them, there would be no Roger R. Foisy Injury Law Firm.

Harpreet S Sidhu – Associate Lawyer

Having worked with the firm since 2015, it was an easy decision to enter the field of personal injury and disability law as a lawyer given my years of volunteering with people in need.

I will work with you to prepare for and attend with you at your examination for discovery, arbitration hearings, mediations, and also appear in court on preliminary matters for your file. You may hear from me or we may meet together in person when I am gathering or clarifying details to facilitate the progression of your file.

My work discipline extends into my personal life, where I enjoy working out, spending time with my family including my dog Rio, and finding time to explore new coffee varieties as a passionate coffee connoisseur.

Manjot S. Heer
Manjot S Heer – Associate Lawyer

I re-joined Roger R. Foisy Injury Law Firm as an associate in 2019 after having previously worked with him as a Law Student. As a lawyer, I will be working with you along the way to build your file throughout the litigation process, including preparing for your discoveries, mediations, and potential attendances at court or arbitration on your behalf.

My passion for helping those who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances developed while working at my Law School’s Legal Clinic. My decision to work in the field of Personal Injury and Disability Law came naturally as it allows to me continue to advocate on behalf of people who have become disadvantaged through no-fault of their own.

When not advocating on behalf of injured or disabled clients, I enjoy working out at the gym, playing basketball, golfing and attending Raptors games.

Theresa – Senior Law Clerk

I have worked with accident victims in the legal profession since 1991, and have been with the firm since its inception. From beginning to end, I work to ensure that your file moves within its timelines. I will ease your concerns when you are unable to reach Mr. Foisy and bring any issues to his immediate attention.

I enjoy working with our legal team who, like myself, are passionate about making a difference in your life.

I am accustomed to managing complex scheduling, not only at the office but also at home with a busy spouse and teenage son. My regular rest and relaxation is always spent on the beautiful beaches of Cuba.

Rusald Laloshi – Licensed Paralegal

I joined the Roger R. Foisy Injury Law Firm in 2018 having worked in the industry for several years beforehand.

My role within the firm is to help clients through the accident benefits process by reviewing denials, disputing those denials, and preparing cases to be presented. I may contact you to help guide you through the process of filing accident benefit claims, to gather information that will help support your claim, and to advance your case.

I dedicate my spare time to my family and enjoy going on weekend trips or playing sports with my son. I have a passion for travel, reading, and keeping up with the latest technological advances.

Tiffany – Junior Law Clerk

I have been with the firm since 2011 and have enjoyed working in many different positions within the office. As a Junior Law Clerk, I am working closely with the Senior Clerk to assist in building your case.

I am your friendly reminder to ensure that you return important documents to our office in a timely manner, as well as reminding you of upcoming medical appointments.

Juggling various tasks in a day is very familiar to my personal life where I am a busy mom of two teenage boys, whose baseball teams I manage.

Debby – Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant, I work closely with Mr. Foisy to help keep on top of meetings, finances, and various other administrative needs within the firm. I am also the one to collect your information in the early stages when your case opens and again when your case has successfully closed.

Being organized and multitasking is an everyday occurrence in my home life, where I am a spouse and a mom to two young boys.

Amber – Medical Summary Clerk

I started at the firm in July 2017 with previous experience as a medical transcriptionist/editor. I wasn’t looking for a career change, but when opportunity knocked, I answered.

My attention to detail and ability to work independently allow me to tell your story through your medical records. I realize there is a real person behind each file, so I pay special attention to ensure my work is accurate and complete.

My focus in the office extends to my busy personal life with my husband, two young daughters, and two cats. I have a strong passion for animals and their rights.