About Our Team

Roger R Foisy – Principal Lawyer of the FirmRoger R Foisy – Principal Lawyer of the Firm

I founded Foisy & Associates Law Firm in 2007 after many years of experience working as a personal injury and disability lawyer.

We pride ourselves on being a client-centric firm – “Lawyers for the People” – and we take the time to make sure we address your needs. Over the years, seeing the firm’s growth through the hard work of the entire team has been a real pleasure.

My passion to work for the people has also led to my decision to help lead the direction of the Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton where I now sit as President.  My regular work with this charity reminds me of the importance of giving back to our communities.


I truly believe that we have been privileged to represent the clients who entrust us with such a difficult time in their lives. Without them, there would be no Foisy & Associates Law Firm.

Harpreet S Sidhu – Associate LawyerHarpreet S Sidhu – Associate Lawyer

Having worked with the firm since 2015, it was an easy decision to enter the field of personal injury and disability law as a lawyer given my years of volunteering with people in need.

I will work with you to prepare for and attend with you at your examination for discovery, arbitration hearings, mediations, and also appear in court on preliminary matters for your file. You may hear from me or we may meet together in person when I am gathering or clarifying details to facilitate the progression of your file.

My work discipline extends into my personal life, where I enjoy working out, spending time with my family including my dog Rio, and finding time to explore new coffee varieties as a passionate coffee connoisseur.

Daniel Berman – Associate LawyerDaniel Berman – Associate Lawyer

Having worked with the firm since 2018, joining the field of personal injury law and disability law was a natural decision for me as I am passionate about advocating on behalf of victims who have suffered from serious injuries or disabilities. Nothing is more rewarding than assisting our clients with overcoming adversity and getting the help they need.    

As a lawyer, I will be working alongside the rest of our team to build your file throughout the litigation process, including preparing and guiding you with your discoveries, mediations, and complex court matters.

Outside of the office you will probably catch me watching Raptors games, playing hockey, or working out. I also have a passion for travelling, documentaries and politics.

Rutumi Tank – Associate LawyerRutumi Tank – Associate Lawyer 

As an Associate Lawyer at Foisy & Associates, I am deeply dedicated to upholding justice for those who have suffered unjustly. It is a privilege to align myself with a team of equally dedicated professionals that strive to achieve the same. When I joined Foisy and Associates in 2020 as a Summer Student, I was driven by a passion for personal injury law which has only grown since.

My commitment as your lawyer will be rooted in understanding, listening, and professionally conveying your story. I believe in providing robust advocacy beyond the courtroom, guiding you through the complexities of legal procedures and delivering persuasive arguments backed by thorough legal research.

Away from my professional life, I enjoy reading, exploring new destinations through travel, and indulging in video games.

Debby – Legal Office AdministratorDebby Manzano – Legal Office Administrator

As an Executive Assistant, I work closely with Mr. Foisy to help keep on top of meetings, finances, and various other administrative needs within the firm. I am also the one to collect your information in the early stages when your case opens and again when your case has successfully closed.

Being organized and multitasking is an everyday occurrence in my home life, where I am a spouse and a mom to two young boys.

Rusald – Licenced ParalegalRusald Laloshi – Licenced Paralegal

I joined Foisy & Associates in 2018 having worked in the industry for several years beforehand.

My role within the firm is to help clients through the accident benefits process by reviewing denials, disputing those denials, and preparing cases to be presented. I may contact you to help guide you through the process of filing accident benefit claims, to gather information that will help support your claim, and to advance your case.

I dedicate my spare time to my family and enjoy going on weekend trips or playing sports with my son. I have a passion for travel, reading, and keeping up with the latest technological advances.

Anthony Truong – Senior Law ClerkAnthony Truong – Senior Law Clerk

I have worked in the legal profession since 2005. I recently joined Foisy & Associates in 2023 having several years of experience around civil litigation, specifically concentrating on cases involving personal injuries. You will find me involved with your file from its beginning until its closure. I work closely with Mr. Foisy in the coordination of your case to ensure that it moves within its timelines.

My dedication to aiding others is a driving force. I enjoy working with our legal team who like me, are passionate about helping clients affected by an accident or illness.


Beyond my work, I also enjoy supporting our cherished Toronto sports teams and exploring the world through exciting cruise ship adventures.

Cameka ThompsonCameka Thompson – Accident Benefits Law Clerk

I joined Foisy & Associates in 2023 after successfully completing my studies in paralegal education, equipping me with a solid foundation in legal principles and practices. My role at the firm is to assist with your accident benefits file. This includes corresponding with medical institutions and insurance companies regarding documentation and medical appointments. I am only a phone call or email away if I can assist you with any aspect of your file.

I dedicate my spare time with my family and enjoy relaxing at home. I like to read and research diverse topics, striving to broaden my knowledge.

Amber – Medical Summary ClerkAmber Campbell – Medical Summary Clerk

I started at the firm in July 2017 with previous experience as a medical transcriptionist/editor. I wasn’t looking for a career change, but when opportunity knocked, I answered.

My attention to detail and ability to work independently allow me to tell your story through your medical records. I realize there is a real person behind each file, so I pay special attention to ensure my work is accurate and complete.

My focus in the office extends to my busy personal life with my husband, two young daughters, and two cats. I have a strong passion for animals and their rights.

Anne WigginsAnne Wiggins – Document Management Clerk

I have been the Document Management Clerk with Foisy & Associates since July 2021. My goal is to ensure the timely receipt and organization of records for review; this includes medical documentation, employment and education records, and insurance files. The world of personal injury law was new to me and has proved challenging and rewarding. I enjoy working with our team which is supportive, dynamic, and very passionate about their work (and great fun, too).

In my off time, I enjoy taking continuing education courses and spending time with my human and furry family members.

Amelia PuimAmelia Puim – Receptionist / Data Entry Officer

I joined Foisy & Associates in early 2023. Working at a Personal Injury Law Firm is a good fit for me having gained a vast experience in previous office settings. I embrace the team work atmosphere which feels more like a work-family. The entire office displays genuine empathy as we work towards making a notable difference to the lives of those who suffer serious injuries.

As your first point of welcome, either by phone or in person, I will direct you to a team member who will assist you with your concerns and inquiries as well as gathering your preliminary intake information. I also input various data and perform a variety of administrative tasks which will help to advance your file.

When not at work, I like to spend time with my son. I enjoy trying new restaurants as I have a diverse culinary palette. I also like spending time with friends, watching basketball and I have a love for animals and nature.

Brandon Ladouceur – Field Data Analyst

Joining the firm was an easy decision after meeting the team and understanding how much they truly cared for their clients. I wanted to join a team that had the client’s best interest in mind and was dedicated to achieving a positive outcome.

As the firm’s Field Data Analyst, I will assist you with onboarding social media tasks and work with you and other witnesses who are able to assist us in sharing the story of your life, specifically how it has been so dramatically affected since your injury and/or disability.

Outside of the office you can find me at the cottage, working out, and playing soccer.