Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries

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Where traumatic brain injury is the result of negligence committed by an at-fault party, the victim is entitled to compensation for the injury and resulting disability. However, proving a brain injury can often be difficult, which means being compensated can also be difficult. Symptoms following a traumatic brain injury can often be misinterpreted to the disadvantage of the plaintiff.

The extensive experience of Roger R. Foisy and his team, along with their full understanding of the medical and legal implications of such cases is a powerful asset for brain injury victims and their families.

Possible traumas which may cause brain injury include:

  • Hitting one’s head on a hard surface after slipping or tripping and falling
  • Motor vehicle collisions where the head is struck on part of the interior of the car or is forcefully struck by a deploying air bag
  • A serious neck injury such as a C2 fracture or in some cases even whiplash

The Roger R. Foisy law firm helps coordinate victims of brain injury caused by automobile accidents with healthcare practitioners. In this way we can help to ensure that reasonable and necessary treatments are paid for by the insurer through the Statutory Accident Benefits Policy.

As a dedicated brain injury lawyer, Roger and his team ensure that all rehabilitation programs available through long-term disability policies are being properly considered. In cases of other injuries, we can help facilitate contact with many community based organizations that have brain injury programs available to victims suffering from such disabilities.

Roger R. Foisy and Associates are “lawyers for the people” who fight to receive maximum dollars for their clients.

Contact us with your questions concerning brain injury law or for an initial consultation.

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