Long Term Disability Claims

In the event that you are unable to work due to a medical condition such as an injury or illness, having disability insurance can be beneficial as such payments offer some financial security in a time of uncertainty and hardship for you and your family. Disability benefits are a form of income supplementation and these payments can help cover the costs of daily living such as bills and they can be used for expenses relating to your medical treatment and rehabilitation.

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While you can purchase private disability insurance through your own broker, you may also have access to group disability insurance provided through your employer. Even though your policy entitles you to long-term disability benefits, insurance companies may be reluctant in allowing you to access these benefits for a variety of reasons. As a result, insurance companies may deny your long-term disability claim or terminate your long-term disability insurance policy. Insurance companies have rules and regulations which make it difficult to navigate through the claims process and time limitations can block legitimate claims.

One of the most vulnerable moments for disabled persons is being denied a rightful insurance claim by their insurance company. Being medically incapable of working due to a physical or psychological illness or injury, and receiving adversarial or hostile treatment from an insurer can also have a deteriorating effect on your well-being and recovery.

To get the benefits you deserve it is essential that you seek a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to lead you through the process and handle your claim while at the same time being sensitive to the realities of your situation. To get back to your normal life - or as close to it as you possibly can - you will need a lawyer who understands not only the issue of the disability and the resulting need for financial support, but also the emotional strain that can affect you and your family. While you may be intimidated by the prospect of managing your disability claim or filing a lawsuit if your claim has been denied, Roger R. Foisy is committed to ensuring that you receive the benefits you are entitled to and that your peace of mind is restored.

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