Personal Injury Videos

Initial Client Interview: What Personal Injury Victims Can Expect

Typically, personal injury victims do not have experience with the legal process, and therefore do not know how to proceed after being injured. Of course, seeking medical attention should be your top priority. However, after seeking medical attention, you may wonder whether you will require legal representation.

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What Is the Settlement Value for My Injury or Illness?

People often believe that settlement value is mostly determined by the extent of the injury. While this is a factor, the most important information is how the injury has impacted your life. In other words, what does the injury prevent you from being able to do and how does this affect you?

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Preparing for an Insurance Company Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Personal injury clients are often asked to undergo an Independent Medical Examination (IME). IMEs are an independent evaluation of your medical condition conducted by a medical professional.

Questions posed to you may be phrased differently depending on whether the medical examiner was retained by your own lawyer or the insurance company. This video explains how to prepare for an IME conducted for the insurance company and ensure you fully communicate your unique, subjective situation to the medical examiner.

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Examination for Discovery: What Personal Injury Victims Can Expect

An Examination for Discovery is an important part of the legal process for personal injury victims. It is where parties and their lawyers come together to find out what you (the injured person) will say about their lawsuit at court.

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What Happens During the Mediation of a Personal Injury Claim?

One of the most effective ways to settle a personal injury claim is during mediation, which can result in a fair settlement of your case without needing to go to trial.

A personal injury claim mediation has five participants:

  1. You (the Claimant)
  2. Your Injury Lawyer
  3. Insurance Adjuster
  4. Insurance Lawyer
  5. Mediator

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Understanding what legal options are available to you if you’ve been injured in an accident in Ontario

It is important to know what your legal options are if you have been injured in an accident in Ontario. There is a potential case for a lawsuit for virtually anything, so you should ask yourself if it makes sense to start a lawsuit?

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Understanding What Insurance is Readily Available to You in Ontario After a Car Accident

What is important to know about automobile insurance coverage after you have been involved in a car accident in Ontario? The primary concern arising from a motor vehicle collision is to protect your legal rights for any future claims you may have resulting from this collision.

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Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ontario?

Should you hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ontario or deal directly with the insurance company? Because many people are concerned about lawsuits and are especially fearful about having to testify in a court of law, injured parties often settle their claim directly with the insurance company before consulting with an experienced injury lawyer.

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How Personal Injury Settlement Values are Determined in Ontario

How do lawyers come up with personal injury settlement values in Ontario? In other words, how much is your case worth? This video explains the most important factors taken into consideration when determining settlement values that pertain to an injury. It also explains why your Ontario injury lawyer must effectively convey the unique impact of the injury on your life to help maximize your injury settlement value.

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