Guelph Injury and Disability Lawyers

We are proud to serve the Guelph community.

Roger R. Foisy and his team have been serving the Guelph community since 1998. They have successfully helped hundreds of accident victims and long-term disability claimants receive fair settlements. As “Lawyers for the People”, Roger and his team demonstrate a level of compassion and understanding that is invaluable to their clients in their time of need.

If you are an accident victim or have been denied long-term disability, it is critical that you find a lawyer that will not only take the time to listen to the ins and outs of your case, but one that will also leave you feeling that he or she has your best interests in mind. Roger and his team’s initial consultations are free and extensive, ensuring he is aware of your entire situation – not just the basic facts.

Roger and his team concentrate their practice of law exclusively in personal injury, which includes long-term disability claims, motor vehicle accident claims, and lawyer negligence claims. Based in Mississauga Ontario, Roger’s offices are conveniently located just south of Hwy 401 near the intersection of Mississauga Rd. and Argentia Rd.  Parking is free and we have ample wheelchair accessible spots.

If you live in Guelph and are in need of immediate support and assistance, please contact us to speak with our personal injury and disability law team.

Testimonials from Clients

I found Roger to be very personable. He helped me to find closure with the loss of my baby brother, Jamie.

Dorothy Camilleri, Guelph, Ontario

I suffered a personal injury and I decided to check around with several lawyers and see if it was worth pursuing a lawsuit. I checked with the most recommended local lawyer here in Guelph and she estimated a value for what I might receive. A friend in Oakville recommended that I try a Toronto lawyer as the value may be different. After further review and a recommendation from a Toronto lawyer I ended up using the services of Roger Foisy. The end result of the lawsuit was a final settlement that was 5 times greater than what the local Guelph lawyer thought I might receive. Needless to say I am thrilled with the work that Mr. Foisy did on my behalf. He was very reasonable about doing the work over the phone and through the mail so that the only trips to his office were for the original visit and then to pick up the cheque. You know you have a good lawyer when he is even providing updates at night to my home.

Roger was always helpful, professional and ultimately much more successful then I had expected any lawsuit to be. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Sharon Johnston, Guelph, Ontario

I would like to thank Roger Foisy & staff for their efforts and work provided through the process of this case. You listened and noted my concerns regarding the case. I very much appreciate your contributions throughout the “cases” from beginning to closure. Thanks again for your efforts and professional ethics.

Frank Col, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger and staff are fantastic! Professional, reliable, but most importantly trustworthy! Roger is very clear when communicating. Staff is very prompt when legal questions need to be answered. I have recommended Roger to all I know who are in need of MVA legal counsel.

Frances Venema, Mississauga, Ontario

I was very satisfied with everything including professionalism, promptness, understanding, integrity in being very thorough. I would recommend this firm to anyone in my life.

Anthony Pascoal, Mississauga, Ontario

I found Roger Foisy to be very sympathetic with our tragic loss. We were treated like people instead of just a client. I was so pleased with his work that I am using him for a personal lawsuit.

Maria Amaral, Etobicoke, Ontario

I was always greeted by very friendly staff members. They were very professional at any time.

Nelly MacLean, Mississauga, Ontario

Highly satisfied with the quality of service provided by Roger R. Foisy in our “hour of need”. The assistance of his clerk, Theresa, also, was exceptional. Again, I commend highly the legal services provided to us.

Nicholas Eisele, Mississauga, Ontario

Roger Foisy and his staff helped me through a very difficult experience. Roger went over the call of duty in helping me deal with staff both at Lifemark physiotherapy, occupational nurse at work and family doctor. The staff kept me on track with doctors’ appointments and referred me to professional staff who helped me through a very emotional experience.

Thank you to all at Roger R. Foisy.

Joy Fialho, Mississauga, Ontario

Even when I felt upset or scared Roger took the time to talk with me. Roger was very clear in letting me know exactly what he had done or was about to do. I truly believe that this field of work was your “calling”, you do it with great knowledge and compassion.

Doucet, Mississauga, Ontario