Dealing with Difficult People Workshop

By Roger Foisy on March 11th, 2015

I recently attended a 3 day workshop in Ottawa called “Dealing with Difficult People”.

The workshop is intended to help professionals improve their techniques and strategies for engaging in difficult conversations or dealing with difficult people. Having the skill and confidence to respond appropriately to these situations can lead to positive outcomes for all involved.

As a personal injury lawyer, it is important for me to cultivate this skill. In my role as lawyer and negotiator, I encounter challenging situations every day.

For example, in a personal injury or long term disability case, the insurance company has their own position that strongly opposes my client’s position. I must successfully navigate this interaction in order to achieve a beneficial settlement for my client.

Dealing With Difficult PeopleMy clients themselves are another example. They are faced with the ongoing stress of a difficult situation: some have gone through a traumatic experience; others are suffering from continuous chronic pain; all are dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety of trying to get a fair settlement for what has happened to them. Given their situation, it’s understandable that some of my clients or their family members may react in “difficult” ways as they cope with the issues they are faced with.

Dealing with difficult situations (conversations, people, and so on) is a crucial competency for me. It allows me to successfully settle claims in a way that is both beneficial and fair for my clients.

I frequently attend professional development workshops and seminars, such as this one, because I believe it is imperative for a lawyer to continually update their skills to the benefit of their clients.

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