Don’t Neglect to Renew Your Driver’s Licence

By Roger Foisy on July 4th, 2014

Renewing your driver’s licence is a simple process – and it can save you from facing expensive insurance issues, should you get in an accident while your licence is expired.

No one ever thinks they will get into a motor vehicle accident, yet collisions happen every day. Even if you are a careful driver, you cannot always predict the behaviour of other drivers. You should never let your licence expire, in case of the unexpected.

Driving with an invalid licence can result in a fine for violating traffic laws; however, the larger concern is whether your auto insurance remains valid.

Renew your Licence

A recent article in the Toronto Sun covers this topic, reminding drivers of the importance of renewing their licences: “Renew your driver’s licence”.

The article draws attention to the clause in auto insurance policies, which states “the insured shall not drive or operate or permit any other person to drive or operate the automobile unless the insured or other person is authorized by law to drive or operate it.”

This means that your auto insurance can be denied if you are driving without a valid driver’s licence. And, as the story in the article illustrates, even if you manage to receive the insurance you may have to endure stressful litigation to obtain the funds.

I encourage you to read this article, and to ensure you always renew both your driver’s licence and vehicle licence sticker on time.

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