Fatal Accidents and Understanding Grief [video]

By Roger Foisy on May 17th, 2013

Losing a loved one in an unexpected circumstance, such as a vehicle accident, is extremely difficult. People who were close to the deceased often wonder why their grief seems to feel so much more potent when someone else is to blame for the accident. Tragic, unexpected events are more shocking and devastating than an illness or natural occurrence because they are sudden and impossible to anticipate.

Feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability are normal in this situation, and these types of catastrophic events can threaten our emotional security. Everyday tasks may become difficult as both the mind and body struggle to react to the inner turmoil of grieving for a loved one.

Strong painful emotions can be triggered by many things after the incident, including memories during significant festive events or family milestones. For those who were present during the accident, (for example, a passenger in the car), certain sounds, images, or scenarios may become triggers.

As discussed in a previous video, which you can click here to see, it is absolutely essential to take care of yourself during this difficult period of grief. Reach out to others for support; they can share the grief and lessen your burden.

When a loved one is lost, the future may seem uncertain and daily cares may suddenly feel overwhelming and insurmountable. The Ontario Court of Appeal recognizes that when fatal accidents occur and someone else is to blame, there must be financial consideration for the family members.

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