Immediately After a Car Accident

By Roger Foisy on May 31st, 2011

Immediately after a motor vehicle accident, families may often find themselves having difficulties dealing with the sometimes overwhelming emotions they feel for the loved one involved in the car accident.  It is at this moment, during the crisis, that things like taking care of making phone calls, helping to arrange childcare, providing compassion by holding their hand and listening to the ones affected by the accident are so important.

Organizations like the “Victim Assistance Volunteer Program” offered by the Burlington Ontario Provincial Police are crucial.  They provide community-based short term emotional support and practical assistance to victims of car accidents and their loved ones through the use of specially trained volunteers. Their goal is to help victims and their families cope during these types of crisis situations within the first few hours in which they occur.  In addition to providing the types of compassionate services mentioned above, these organizations can also provide important referrals necessary to help the family deal with the immediate situation and the events that follow.

One of the critical aspects following a motor vehicle accident is guidance and legal representation. Often there are important actions that need to take place within a specific timeframe. Obtaining a car accident lawyer within the first week can help ensure that the necessary paper work for insurance claim purposes etc. are handled in a timely manner and the deadlines following a car accident are not missed.  Roger R. Foisy a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga, will offer a free initial consultation to assist in guiding you in the right direction to ensure important dates and activities are handled appropriately.  The sooner you engage the resources you need, the better you will be able to attend to the ones you love.

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