Initial Client Interview: What Personal Injury Victims Can Expect [Video]

By Roger Foisy on November 17th, 2015

Typically, personal injury victims do not have experience with the legal process, and therefore do not know how to proceed after being injured. Of course, seeking medical attention should be your top priority. However, after seeking medical attention, you may wonder whether you will require legal representation.

If you think you may need a lawyer, your first step is to meet with potential injury lawyers in what is called the “Initial Client Interview”.

The Initial Client Interview has a simple purpose: the injured or disabled person and the personal injury lawyer/disability lawyer must both determine whether they want to work with each other going forward.

During the interview, you and the lawyer will discuss your specific injury or illness, as well as the law around your potential case, how to work with a lawyer, and what you can expect from that specific lawyer.

You want to find a lawyer you are comfortable with and confident in; you may be relying on this person in the years to come.

What to Expect during an Initial Client Interview with a Personal Injury Lawyer

I encourage you to watch my video below for a full explanation of what the Initial Client Interview is and details about what you can expect to discuss with your potential lawyer during the meeting:

The Initial Client Interview helps injured or ill clients better understand the law surrounding their potential case and determine whether the lawyer in question is the right lawyer for them.

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