June is National Brain Injury Awareness Month in Canada

By Roger Foisy on May 31st, 2013

Brain Injury Awareness

The Brain Injury Association of Canada (BIAC) has chosen June as National Brain Injury Awareness month. As with America’s brain injury awareness month, which took place in March, June is a time to educate ourselves on brain injury.

Resulting from a blow to the head or penetrating injury (e.g. gunshot wound), acquired brain injury has been called an invisible condition. This is because many of the symptoms and changes in the person with a brain injury are emotional and cognitive. Often, no physical evidence of the injury remains, leading others to assume the person is “fine”.

The leading causes of brain injury in Canada are automobile collisions, falls, pedestrian struck by vehicle, assault, cycling incidents, and sports injuries. Illnesses affecting the brain can also cause the same effects as an injury resulting from impact. As of 2012, close to 5.5 million Canadians were living with a brain injury, disease, or disorder. In Canada, brain injury is the premier cause of death and disability in people under 44. Yet, we hardly hear about it. That is why brain injury awareness month exists.

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