How does Ontario measure up in Canada when it comes to motor vehicle accident deaths?

By Roger Foisy on September 7th, 2010

The Ontario Government and Ontarians alike have been suggesting that fatal car accidents have been on the rise. Despite the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the roads, half as many Canadians were killed in a motor vehicle accident in 2004 as there had been 25 years earlier according to Statistics Canada study published.

The study “Motor vehicle accident deaths, 1979 to 2004,” published today in Health Reports showed that during the past quarter-century, 97,964 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents. The annual number of deaths fell 52% from 5,933 in 1979 to 2,875 in 2004.

Sharp declines were detected even after adjusting for the aging of the population, suggesting that factors other than demographics are behind the drop. Almost three-quarters (71%) of the people who died in these accidents were male.

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