Ontario Trial Lawyers Association 2015 Long Term Disability Conference

By Roger Foisy on January 23rd, 2015

Today, January 23, 2015, I am attending the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) Long Term Disability Conference: Good Practices and Bad Faith From Coast to Coast.

2015OTLA conferenceThis conference is a great opportunity for Ontario personal injury and long term disability (LTD) lawyers to come together and discuss the most pressing subjects in our industry today.

As laws change regarding LTD benefits and LTD claims, it’s essential for lawyers to stay up-to-date and share their knowledge and insights into achieving fair settlements for their clients.

At OTLA 2015 Long Term Disability Conference, the expert speakers and panelists will discuss limitation pitfalls in disability claims, lessons from specific cases, good practice tips, and much more.

Common Long Term Disability Questions from Clients

If you are struggling with a long term disability claim, I encourage you to check out the LTD FAQs on my website, or watch my video series for more information.

The video topics are:

  • Understanding Long Term Disability Insurance in Ontario
  • The First Five Reasons an Insurance Company Will Deny Your Long Term Disability Claim
  • The Next Five Reasons an Insurance Company Will Deny Your Long Term Disability Claim
  • Using the PQRST to Accurately Describe Pain to Your Doctor

Click here to access the videos.

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