Pedestrian Death Review Calls for Pedestrian-Friendly Roads

By Roger Foisy on December 5th, 2012

After 95 pedestrian deaths in 2010, Ontario’s Chief Coroner undertook a Pedestrian Death Review in order to make recommendations for improved road safety.  The review is clear that drivers of motor vehicles are not solely to blame.  Pedestrian behaviour and unaccommodating road design also contribute to road safety.

70% of the deaths were attributable to five circumstances:

(1)    Pedestrians struck at mid-block crossings (31%);

(2)    Pedestrians struck on the sidewalk or a road’s shoulder (14%);

(3)    Pedestrians struck without right-of-way in an intersection (11%);

(4)    Pedestrians struck with right-of-way in an intersection by left-turning vehicles (7%);

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