Some Do, We Don’t – Roger R. Foisy Addresses Toronto Star Article

By Roger Foisy on January 31st, 2017

Toronto-starA Condemnation of Ontario Injury Lawyers Charging Unjust Fees

On Saturday, the Toronto Star published an investigative article titled “Double-dipping lawyers taking big slice of injury settlements”. The article details the practice of some Ontario Personal Injury Law Firms of charging a contingency fee (“we only get paid if you win”) and taking a second fee on top of that called “costs”.

This has never been a policy at my firm and, as I outlined in one of my client-friendly videos in 2012, this practice has been disallowed by the Ontario Solicitors Act because it leaves personal injury claimants with less money in their pocket at the end of a settlement. I am firmly against this practice, and believe that all law firms in Ontario currently engaging in such a practice must stop.

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