The McGuinty Government’s New Changes to the Ontario Auto Insurance Regulations in the fall of 2010

By Roger Foisy on August 3rd, 2010

A Quick Summary of the Changes

Accident benefits for non-catastrophic injury claims will undergo some major changes, including:
• Caregiver Benefits – The $250 per week, plus $50 per additional person in need of care will be eliminated
• Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits – These benefits are being reduced to $50,000 from $100,000
• Attendant Care Benefits – These benefits will be reduced to $36,000 from $72,000 per annum
• Housekeeping Benefits – The $100 per week housekeeping benefit will be eliminated

Accident benefits for catastrophic injury claims will undergo some major changes, including:
• Treatment assessment costs will be deducted out of the specific benefit limit
• There will be no ability to apply for Catastrophic designation (whole person impairment test or the marked/extreme mental or behavioural test) in the first two years post-accident, except in cases where a brain injury is present
• There will incur a definition for “incurred” which will require the insured person to pay for the expense, and the service provider to be a professional provider, except in cases of family members whom are able to prove loss of income
• Assessment costs are limited to $2,000

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