Trying to Access Your Own Medical Records in Ontario? Be Prepared to Pay.

By Roger Foisy on April 30th, 2014

Ontario residents are being charged excessive fees by pharmacies and medical offices simply to obtain their own medical records. Although this is a topic I have addressed before, it unfortunately continues to be an issue.

A recent article in the Toronto Sun by Alan Shanoff, “Our information, their files”, details the current problem we face. As he mentions, public officials have tabled this issue several times in past years, yet nothing has changed.

Fees range widely, often amounting to hundreds of dollars, as there are no laws to govern the charges. 

Ontario Medical Record Payment

As a lawyer, one of the issues I see is that these exorbitant costs impact my clients’ net settlement values and increase costs for insurance companies – ultimately impacting premiums.

I am mentioned in Shanoff’s article, bringing attention to the rarely followed Ontario Medical Association recommendation that physicians charge $30 for the first 20 pages, and 25 cents for additional pages.

Please take a moment to read Shanoff’s article. I think it is important to continue to focus on this problem and put pressure on our elected officials until it is solved.

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