WAD – Whiplash Associated Disorder II

WAD II commonly results in a decreased range of motion and tenderness in the neck. WAD injuries are generally the result of the head snapping forward and then back again, especially in rear-end motor vehicle accidents. WAD injuries can be caused by any motion similar to a rear-end motor vehicle accident, such as by a roller coaster, skiing, or from being hit, kicked, or shaken.

Potential Settlement Value

In 2009, the Court in Watts v. Donovan, 2009 CanLII 26931 (ON SC) awarded the injured person $95,000 for injures that included WAD II.

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*Disclaimer: These illustrations should not be relied on as medically accurate. Always consult your healthcare
practitioner to better understand your injuries. In determining the potential settlement value of pain and
suffering awards, many factors need to be considered. The awards given as examples are specific to a particular
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