How to Avoid Being Denied Disability Benefits: Completing the Physician Statement [Video]

By Roger Foisy on March 29th, 2018

As an Ontario Long Term Disability lawyer, I am regularly asked how people can avoid being denied LTD benefits when they are applying.

From a legal action perspective, I can only accept long term disability clients after their application has been denied or their benefits have been wrongfully terminated. However, I am able to give some helpful guidelines based on my years of experience seeing common errors that lead to LTD application denials.

In this video, I focus on your physician’s statement for the LTD application, and the critical role they play in whether your application is approved or denied. I offer advice on how to work with your medical practitioner(s) to ensure your application has a better chance of being approved.

Although your physician has your best interests at heart, insurance adjusters regularly deny LTD claims because the physician has not provided enough information to understand why you can’t return to work. It’s critical for your physician’s statement to include the connection between your injury or illness and why those symptoms prevent you from being able to complete the primary duties of your employment.

Watch my video below for the LTD Physician Statement walkthrough:

If you found this video helpful, I encourage you to watch my other videos in this series, which provide guidance about the section you must complete as well as the section completed by your employer. Each of these sections are critical to the success of your LTD application.

Unfortunately, many people face denied claims and termination of long term disability benefits every day. Knowing how to fill out the application forms will increase your chances of being approved, so you can receive the benefits you need for your recovery process.

If you have applied for LTD benefits and have been wrongfully denied, or if your LTD benefits have been recently terminated, contact us for immediate support and a free consultation.

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