How to Prepare for Your LAT Hearing: 9 Steps Your Lawyer Should Take to Get You Ready

By Roger Foisy on July 5th, 2023

When it comes to a Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) hearing, preparation is key. At Foisy & Associates, we take several crucial steps to ensure our clients are well-equipped for their hearing. While the process may differ from case to case, we follow a general approach that empowers our clients to feel confident and ready for the tribunal.

A LAT hearing can be daunting, but our legal team is here to help. Learn about the steps we take to support our clients in feeling ready for their hearing.

  1. Understanding the process:
    We start by explaining the LAT hearing process to our clients, including its purpose, structure, and potential outcomes. This helps you know what to expect and feel more at ease during the hearing.
  2. Review the case:
    Each case is reviewed with our client, going over the facts, evidence, and legal arguments. Reviewing helps clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case. We also discuss any potential challenges that may arise during the hearing.
  3. Prepare documents:
    We ensure that all relevant documents and evidence are organized and submitted to the Tribunal promptly. Documents submitted include medical records, expert reports, a Witness Will Say, and any other pertinent documents.
  4. Develop a strategy:
    Together with our clients, we develop a clear and concise strategy for presenting their cases. This may involve deciding which arguments to emphasize, what evidence to present, and how to best address any weaknesses in the case.
  5. Practice testimony:
    We help our clients prepare for giving testimony during the hearing. We understand this is a very stressful part of the case, so we focus our time on answering potential questions, guiding clients on how to present themselves confidently, and advising them on handling cross-examination.
  6. Familiarize with the hearing room:
    We help our clients understand what a virtual hearing will comprise of, and all the participants involved on any given day of testimony. This allows our clients to feel more comfortable and reduce anxiety on the day of the hearing.
  7. Address logistical details:
    We make sure to keep our clients informed about the schedule of the LAT hearing, which includes the specific date and time of witness testimony. Additionally, we also provide any necessary guidelines or procedures that our clients need to follow during the hearing.
  8. Emotional support:
    The LAT hearing can be an emotionally challenging experience. Our team can arrange for emotional support and reassurance, helping our clients maintain a positive attitude and confidence throughout the process.
  9. Post-hearing follow-up:
    After the LAT hearing, we will debrief with our clients, discussing how the evidence unfolded, potential next steps, anticipated waiting times for the decision rendering, and addressing any concerns or questions our clients may have.

At Foisy & Associates, we understand the challenges that come with preparing for a Licence Appeal Tribunal hearing. However, by following the steps outlined above and working with our experienced legal team, our clients can feel confident and well-prepared for their hearing. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to each of our clients to ensure they receive the best possible outcome for their case.

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