Roger R. Foisy to Give a Presentation on Best Practices for Small Personal Injury Law Firms

By Roger Foisy on April 4th, 2016

With the help of my dedicated team, I have grown the Roger R. Foisy injury law firm from a small firm with only 4 client files in 2007 to a firm with about 75-80 cases at any given time by 2015. Growing much larger would not fit within my business model of providing a very personal level of attention to each and every client we take on.

At our law firm, my team and I work hard to maximize our clients’ personal injury settlements and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

In many ways, this law firm started as – and continues to be – a small fish in a big pond. Yet, we have been very successful both in terms of achieving maximum settlements for our clients and in terms of operating as a viable business.

Personal Injury Lawyer For this reason, I was asked to give a presentation on best practices for small personal injury law firms, which I will be giving on April 8th, 2016.

For a sole practitioner or a small law firm, it can be daunting trying to compete against larger law firms with more resources and large marketing budgets.

In my presentation, I will be sharing insight on how my practice manages to be successful despite taking on fewer files than a similarly sized firm, allowing us to focus more time, effort, and energy on each file in order to achieve better results per client.

It is about quality (achieving the best settlement for each client), not quantity (sheer volume of clients).

It is about being “A Lawyer for the People”.

Roger R. Foisy is an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury, long-term disability, and brain injury. Please contact us for immediate support and a free consultation.

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