Bicycle Accident Injuries

For those who choose to use a bicycle for transportation whether for leisure or as a means to get to work there is always a safety concern as cyclists must share the road with much larger and more powerful motor vehicles. A cycling accident involving a motor vehicle can result in the tragic consequences of serious injury and death.

The most recent Ontario Road Safety Annual Report found that 1,947 cyclists were injured in 2009 down from 2,449 in 2005. While there has been a significant decrease overall in injuries there has also been much fluctuation. The most common injuries sustained are upper limb injuries, followed by lower limbs and head injuries.

The Office of the Chief Coroner released their ‘Cycling Death Review‘ in June 2012 which found that in Ontario there has been an incremental decline from the 41 cyclist fatalities in 2006 to the 14 cyclist fatalities in 2009. However, the optimism here is misleading as there was a considerable increase to 25 cyclist fatalities in 2010. This idea of uncertainty in trends was recognized by the Ontario Medical Association in its 2011 report entitled ‘Enhancing Cycling Safety in Ontario‘. It found that despite a decrease in reported cyclist injuries since the early 1990s this number is still high, and as for cyclist fatalities there has not been a clear trend either way.

The lesson here is that our roads must be made safer for cyclists. Cyclist-motor vehicle accidents will continue to happen until more effective safety measures are taken and our car oriented culture is better adapted towards sharing the road with cyclists.

Managing with the physical injuries that you or your family member has suffered as a result of a cycling-motor vehicle accident can be difficult especially when in combination with the resulting emotional stress. However, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in your claim and help you attain the benefits and compensation you deserve. A lawyer will be able to guide you through the process of time limitations, documentation submission, and medical requests and assessments.

If you are in a cycling accident involving a motor vehicle then you may be entitled to numerous claims including damages for pain and suffering, income replacement benefits, medical and rehabilitation benefits, attendant care benefits, non-earner benefits, caregiver benefits, housekeeping and home maintenance benefits, and funeral and death benefits.

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